3. Amoah, Vida

Kuva Vida Amoah


Greetings to the person who is reading this at this moment. My name is Vida Amoah and I am a 14-year-old girl who strives to keep this digital Presentation of herself as short as possible. I started to run as a candidate for the Vantaa Youth Council because I want to ensure that young people from Vantaa could influence matters concerning them in the influencer groups created for them.

From words to deeds.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I think Vantaa is a safe place for young people to live. The answer to a question may vary depending on who you ask. Unfortunately, there are, for example, certain types of events that may create a feeling of insecurity in young people in Vantaa as well.
2. It would be important for the child/young person to even have the opportunity to do something. Not everyone can afford hobbies, so the free hobbies offered by the city would be helpful.
3. I find it admirable when Vantaa encourages municipal residents to do climate and environmental actions. It would be important to maintain discussions on climate change in Vantaa as well.
4. Vantaa must tackle school violence and bullying more vigorously. To ensure that schools address discrimination and violence, for example, Vantaa could from time to time conduct surveys of young people on the subject. In order to prevent school violence and bullying, Vantaa needs to offer more equality-related training to school staff. Training should be mandatory for school staff and as informative as possible.
5. I think the level of school food in Vantaa is low. School food rarely tastes good to me. In my opinion, more should be invested in Vantaa, especially in the taste of school food. To avoid food waste, school food services should cook those school foods that students seem to prefer more. Students should have the opportunity at least once a year to get to develop school food recipes with professionals.
6. In my opinion, the current voting age (18) is appropriate and should not be lowered or raised. The decisions made in the municipality have the greatest impact on our daily lives, so it would be important that the decisions related to voting are made judiciously. In general, the most considered decision-making is practiced as an adult.
7. Public transportation must be affordable so that everyone can afford it. However, I cannot say what would happen if public transportation were free.
8. Public transport
9. School food is an important part of the school day. Or at least it should be. When there are sufficient resources, it is possible to guarantee that delicious school food recipes are created in Vantaa and high-quality school food is offered here that tastes good for school students.