29. Manner-Raappana, Lauri

Kuva Lauri Manner-Raappana


Residential area:

Hi! I am a 16-year-old upper secondary school student from Ylästö. I enjoy athletics, scouts, and guitar playing. Things that are important to me are education and hobby and exercise opportunities. Make Vantaa the best city in Finland for young people!

Leisure time activities:
Athletics, scouting, guitar playing and leisure sports from frisbee golf to mountain biking.

Very good, if not perfect

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. It is safe to move outside in Vantaa and there are places for young people to get help.
2. Low-threshold leisure time activities provide young people with meaningful activities and prevent exclusion.
3. Vantaa must have an ambitious climate policy, but services must have a sufficient basic level. For example, in regard to school food, quality should first be brought to an adequate level and only then should we focus more on the climate impact of food.
4. There must be an absolute zero tolerance for bullying in Vantaa and it must be tackled hard enough.
5. There may be differences between schools, but my own experience is that there is a lot to improve in school food, from menus to food quality.
6. Young people already have many ways of influencing matters. Even at my age of 16, I believe that an 18-year-old has a much better ability to exercise his voting power than a 16-year-old.
7. If transportation were free, lost revenue would have to be compensated somehow. I think the ticket prices are currently at an appropriate level (I live in Zone B myself, the situation may be different in Zone C).
8. Public transport has the most to improve and it also requires continuous development more than driving or cycling. The opportunities for driving and cycling are in fairly good condition in Vantaa, and care needs to be taken about them mainly in terms of maintenance and bringing the same opportunities to new residential areas as well.
9. School food is a major development target in Vantaa and investing in it affects all young people in Vantaa. Other things are important, but I do not have personal experience of them, and it should be a matter of course to take care of the good condition of school buildings and a sufficient number of curators and psychologists.