Vantaa Youth Council

The youth council supervises the interests of the young and addresses issues important to the young. Elections take place at 2-year intervals, and 30 members ages 13-20 are selected.

The voice of the young heard in Vantaa

The representatives of the youth council have the right to attend and the right of discussion at the City of Vantaa committees and the city council. The council operations are not politically aligned. The youth council assembles on a monthly basis, submits initiatives to the city executive board, gives statements, participates in various working groups, and arranges events targeted at the young. It also cooperates with schools’ student bodies to improve school conditions.

Vantaa Youth Council

Meetings in 2022: 25.1., 22.2., 22.3., 19.4., 17.5., 14.6., 16.8., 13.9., 4.10., 8.11. and 13.12. at 17.30.

The youth council’s agendas and minutes of the meetings can be viewed at päätösarkisto.

Contact information

Silkkitehtaantie 5 C, 2. krs.
01300 Vantaa
@vantaannuva #vantaannuva

Lisätietoja: koordinaattori Laura Kotiranta, 040 626 8381,