Myyrmäki Swimming Hall and Gym

Myyrmäen uimahallissa rintauintia

Swimming Hall

  • 25 meter pool with eight tracks
  • Teaching pool with two sections: shallow end 3m x 6m (depth 30cm) and deep end 8m x 6m (depth 80cm)
  • Therapy pool (+32°C)
  • Cold water pool (+8°C)
  • Diving pool with 1 and 3 meter diving boards
  • Chlorine disinfection, pressure sand water filter
  • Both men's and women's shower rooms have two traditional saunas and one steam sauna (+44°C).
  • Two rental saunas
  • One of the rental saunas has a small cabinet for eight people


Equipment Guidance Hours

During the fall semester 5.9.-17.12.2016

and spring semester 9.1.-29.4.2017 (not on week 8)

  • Mon at 14:30–15:30
  • Thu at 15:30-16:30

Phone Hours

Myyrmäki swimming hall gym instructors, tel. 09 8393 5538

  • Tue at 15:30–16