Koivukylä Senior Citizens' Center Gym

Exceptional opening hours

Exceptional opening hours of the sports facilities spring/summer 2016 (in Finnish)


You can visit the premises during the gym instructor's equipment guidance hours

  • Mon 15–16
  • Wed klo 9–10

Starting the Training

In order to gain independent access to the gym, clients have to purchase an access permit (10 €) and charge it with training time.

You can purchase the access permit from the Sports Services' office, add. Kielotie 20 C (Tikkurila), 3rd floor, rooms 304, 305 and 309, Mon-Fri at 9–10:30 and 13:30–15. On holiday eves the office closes at 14:30. Please note that you need to have the ID number of your access permit with you every time you recharge your permit. Recharging is not possible without the ID number.

You can recharge the access permit at the Tikkurila swimming hall’s cashier during the swimming hall's opening hours and at the Sports Services' office during the above-mentioned office hours. The Sports Services will invoice you via mail. At the swimming hall, you can pay with cash, card or exercise vouchers.

Additionally, if you have the Sports Card (Sporttikortti) you can recharge your access permit at the Koivukylä gym's office on Wednesdays at 10–11.

If you are entitled to a discount, you must present a document that verifies it. Residents of 70 years of age who start training at the Koivukylä Senior Citizens' Center can claim their Sports Card together with the access permit at the Sports Services' office (for the Sports Card, you need a photo and an ID with you).

Gym Fees

Koivukylä Senior Citizens' Center gym sells only monthly tickets (valid for 1, 3 or 5 months). In addition to the monthly fee, all clients using the gym (including clients with the Sports Card) must buy an access permit on their first visit. The access permit costs 10 €. The access permit is not claimed back after the workout.

Single tickets and serial tickets are not available. The gym cards for Myyrmäki, Tikkurila or Hakunila gyms are not valid at the Koivukylä gym.

Access permit: 10 € (all clients have to purchase the access permit, including clients with the Sports Card)
Adults: 1 month 30 €, 3 months 70 €, 5 months 105 €
Discount groups / special groups*: 1 month 18 €, 3 months 40 €, 5 months 65 €
City of Vantaa employees: 1 month 20 €, 3 months 45 €, 5 months 75 €

*Discount groups: pensioners, students, and conscripts
Special groups: people entitled for the special groups’ gym card
When purchasing the special groups’ gym card, clients need to present an ID and documents that verify the need for special card.