Year of the bug

In 2019 Vantaa is celebrating a theme year for bugs. The objective of the theme year is to bring up these invertebrates that especially important to the multiplicity of nature, bugs.

The ecosystem services provided by bugs are decisive for human well-being. They pollinate plants, spread seeds, keep up the structure and fruitfulness of the earth, and they are an important source of nutrition for many animals. Bugs are also interesting – their lives are full of surprising and intriguing details.

During the theme year, information about bugs and their life circumstances are offered. There are lectures, courses, displays, and bug-themed nature trips on the program. In addition, municipal residents will be encouraged to act in the best interest of bugs – for example, by creating a welcoming environment for bugs in their own yards.

Nature-themed years have been celebrated in Vantaa since 2015. The relationship of Vantaa residents to nature is supported by theme years, and through this a responsible and lasting lifestyle that takes nature into account. In previous years nearby forests, bogs, and creeks have been celebrated in prior years.