Take part in volunteer work

Everybody can affect the coziness and cleanliness of his or her environment and local nature by taking garbage and pets leavings to trash cans. Good behavior and accounting for other people make our joint environment clean and pleasant.

Green Area Unit and Environment Centre offer the residents the possibility of participating in volunteer green-area maintenance. The city guides the interactive and systematic volunteer work carried out the with the residents. Volunteer work on brooks is carried out together with the fishing industry association. The sites worked on will be decided on the basis of the city's general operating methods, objectives of environmental management, as well as the residents' and city's resources. The sites consist of city-owned green areas with existing local plans. Volunteer work is announced in Vantaan Sanomat and over the Internet.

Volunteer work mostly consists of the following:

  • picking up garbage
  • tending to meadows
  • removing non-indigenous species
  • harvesting rye
  • planting flower bulbs
  • thinning of thickets after forest-maintenance measures
  • fishing-industry work related to brooks