Fenced dog parks

A dog park refers to a fenced park area especially built for dogs and their owners. There are altogether 24 dog parks in different parts of Vantaa, and one public beach for dogs. The Sports Services of Vantaa maintains three dog friendly ski tracks where you can ski with your dog. The ski tracks are situated in Hakunila, Ruskeasanta, and Petikko.

Keep Your Dogs Leashed and Collect Their Waste

The Public Order Act obligates the owners to keep their dogs leashed in urban areas. Urban areas are densely inhabited areas indicated with traffic signs. Although, there can be areas inside the urban area that are not densely inhabited. Dog and cat owners have to see that the animals do not roam in public beaches, children's playgrounds, market squares (during opening hours), sports fields or public ski tracks. Leashed dogs and cats are allowed to jogging tracks.

Dog owners need to collect their dog's waste, especially in maintained areas. By law, maintained areas mean areas in which the lawns are cut, and they include planting and/or paved streets.

Not obeying the law can lead to a fine. (Public Order Act 27.6.2003/612,14§)

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