R.E.A.D. dog listens to a reading boy.

R.E.A.D. dogs

R.E.A.D. dog encourages the small reader.

A reading education assistance dog, commonly called a R.E.A.D. dog, is a patient listener with whom you do not have to worry about reading. When reading to a R.E.A.D. dog, your reading skills will develop without your even noticing it.

R.E.A.D. dogs serve at several libraries in almost every single week of the year, with the exception of holiday seasons. The libraries will inform on their own Helmet.fi sites about times when R.E.A.D. dogs are available.

Could your dog become a R.E.A.D. dog?

If you are interested in engaging in R.E.A.D.-dog activities together with your dog, contact the library where you would like to start.