Museums and Visual Arts

Vantaa City Museum's temporary exhibitions present the versatile history of the area. The museum is situated in the old Tikkurila railway station, and it acts as an expert on history, cultural heritage, and cultural environment in Vantaa.

Vantaa Art Museum is situated in the urban milieu of Myyrmäki at the culture and multipurpose center Myyrmäki House. The temporary exhibitions introduce contemporary art from Finland and abroad. Variety of other events are arranged along with the exhibitions. The Art Museum's Galleria Ikkuna is a window gallery where the temporary exhibitions by students of the Academy of Fine Arts can be viewed round-the-clock.

Galleria K is part of the Vantaa Art Museum, and it is situated in Tikkurila. The gallery works in cooperation with the Vantaa Artist Association. Galleria K presents some of the Art Museum's jewels as well as exhibitions arranged by the Vantaa Artist Association.

The Finnish Aviation Museum is the national museum of aviation situated near Helsinki Airport.

Vantaa Agricultural Museum is a bilingual local museum with artifacts and other material collected from the old Helsinki Rural District.

Maalarimuseo (Painter Museum) is a museum that preserves materials connected to the trade of painting such as documents, paint containers, tools, and color charts.

The park of Nissbacka Manor presents the works of sculptor Laila Pullinen in the summer.

Artist Risto Vilhunen's modern environmental art can be viewed at Leonardo da Vilhu sculpture park in Sepänmäki.

Helsinge Parish Museum preserves items that have been collected from local farmhouses and which represent local everyday life, agriculture, and rural occupations.

Trollberga tractor and agricultural museum presents tractors and engines from 1920s to 1950s, tools and equipment, lumbering tools, and other artifacts from many other fields.

Finland's National Bureau of Investigation maintains a Crime Museum which presents material connected with Finnish crime history and crime investigation. The museum is not open for public.