Orchestras and choirs

We have several different kinds of orchestras for all ages.

Every student who plays an orchestral instrument is required to attand an orchestra.

You can find the timetables for orchestras and choirs from the Finnish site.

Laurus Youth Choir


There are several different kinds of choirs, for all ages. Find the timetables from the Finnish site.
Children choir MINIT
Minit-choir is for children under age 10. No entrance examination is required.
Minit rehears at Orvokki in Tikkurila and at Patotie in Myyrmäki.
Children choirs: Lauriina and Marttiina
The choirs are for children of 10-15 ages.
Youth Choir Laurus
Laurus is a girls choir (ages 12-21). The various repertoire of the choir contains national and foreign art music from different ages and folk music from different countries. The majority of the music is performed a cappella.
Chamber choir Laurus
The choir is for young adults. The repertoire varies.
Vocal ensemble Tixie Jive
The repertoire for vocal ensembles varies from renaissence madrigals to folk music and jazz.