Early childhood music education

Music play group

The music play groups are for children (ages 0-6 ). The children receive musical adventures, preparedness and skills, which give a good basic to their relation to music and later studies in music. We can admit children to the groups all year if there are available places. Tuition fee is 95-120 e per term depending the leght of the lesson.

Carousel classes

In carousel classes children (ages 6-8) play different instruments in four week periods. They learn how to study music and practise with the instruments. Instruments vary between violin, violoncello, piano, kantele, accordion, flute, clarinet, double bass, brass instruments and guitar. Beside instrument lessons they have also play groups to learn the basics of music.

Rhytmic workshops

In rhythmic workshop children (ages 7-10) learn musical elements by song, play and body motion. The rhythmic lessons develope their sense of rhythm and their skills in integrated articulacy. They also study the preliminary of music theory.