Visual Arts

Vantaan kuvataidekoulun oppilas maalaamassa

The basic education in visual arts emphasizes visual knowledge, thinking and perception skills, and creativity. The aim of the teaching is to give the students skills to interpret art and develop their visual expression.

Vantaa Art School is a recreational institution for 5–20-year-old children and youth living in Vantaa. The study units are situated in different districts in Vantaa: Tikkurila, Korso, Myyrmäki, Kivistö, and Kartanonkoski. Students are divided into age groups starting from early childhood studies to basic studies and advanced studies. The application period is in March. Ask about available places at the Vantaa Art School's office. Vantaa Art School also arranges short courses for children, families, and adults year round.

Vantaa Adult Education Institute provides basic visual arts education for adults. The four-year combination starts yearly and takes place alternately in the Adult Education Institute's art center in Tikkurila or in the Myyrmäki House in Myyrmäki. The classes take place once a week. Find the instructions for applying in the Adult Education Institute's study program, issued in August.