Verbal Arts

Kuva: Anna Räinä, Vantaan sanataidekoulu

The basic education in verbal arts aims to enrich imagination and linguistic skills. The studies include written and oral self-expression. Verbal arts studies consist of the modern forms and methods of reading and writing as well as the traditional forms of literature. Studying verbal arts develops analytical skills and supports studying in general. The teaching emphasizes joy, play, and freedom of expression.

Vantaa Verbal Arts School was founded in 1994 and it gives verbal arts teaching for people of all ages in over ten study units in Vantaa. Family groups are intended for children of 0–4 years of age. The basic studies start at the age of 4–6 with early childhood verbal arts education. Students of 7–18 years of age are divided into age groups. Adults are provided with lyrics, prose, and drama courses of different lengths. Additionally, the school provides afternoon clubs in which children can start their verbal arts studies.