Vantaa major districts – Korso

The Korso major district is home to a cozy, communal and nature loving spirit. Korso is sometimes called the largest single-family home in Finland. Many have lived their entire lives there and are proud of it. Well-known “Korsoans” include journalist Jenni Pääskysaari and gold winning ice hockey goalkeeper Kevin Lankinen. The area has just about everything you need for a comfortable living: a diverse selection of housing, good services, strong transport links and plenty of nature.

Homely Korso corners

Korso is in the northern part of eastern Vantaa, adjacent to cities of Kerava, Tuusula and Sipoo. It has about 30,000 inhabitants in nine sub-districts. The most populous are the central part of Korso and Metsola. Other districts are Mikkola, Jokivarsi, Leppäkorpi, Matari, Nikinmäki, Vallinoja and Vierumäki. Korso has been described as Finland's largest single-family home and is known for its legendary Ankkarock and historical dance venues.

Little Vantaa

The Korso major area resembles the whole of Vantaa in a miniature form. For the most part, it contains semi-detached homes close to nature, but it also accommodates clusters of apartment blocks. For example, in Jokivarsi, the share of small houses is almost 100%, while in Mikkola, 95% are apartment blocks. Nikinmäki, Matari, Vierumäki, Jokivarsi and Leppäkorpi are like their own villages, with relaxed communities. Nature is strongly present in every district. In general, the atmosphere of the Korso region is characterized by coziness, tranquility and security.

Agile traffic options

Korso's transport links are easily available. From the train station, there are fast commuter trains to Kerava, Tikkurila and Helsinki, and with a short interchange to the airport. In Tikkurila it is also convenient to switch to long-distance trains or take Allegro train to St. Petersburg. The bus station next to the station provides several bus connections around Vantaa. In the future, the bus terminal at Korso station is to be modernized. It is also easy to get to Korso by car from both Lahdenväylä and Tuusulanväylä. Kulomäentie, which runs through the entire major district, connects them to each other.

Solid service package

Services are centered around the station and center of Korso. To the east of the station you can find grocery stores, a healthcare center, parking area and small shops. On the west side you will find the Lumo multifunctional center, which houses a high school, library, Vantaa Info, multipurpose hall, sports hall and cultural services. To the west are grocery stores, restaurants, a pharmacy and a parking garage. A new bus terminal and new residential blocks are being planned for the station area, which will also include new specialty shops and other opportunities for businesses. The services of Tikkurila, Koivukylä and Kerava are also easily accessible by train.

The whole school in Korso

There are 19 kindergartens in the Korso area, two of which are private. These are complemented by the Korso Residential Park and Saturn open daycare center in Mikkola. There are seven schools, including the Vantaa Region Steiner School. In Korso you can study the entire elementary school and continue to upper secondary school. Lumo Upper Secondary School, among other things, has a rich choice of languages and a wide range of arts. The Lumo community center also has offices in the Vantaa Art School and Music Institute.

Close to nature and sports

Nature and outdoor activities are a few of Korso's biggest strengths. Vierumäki forest, Metsolansuo and Jokivarrenpuisto and even Sipoonkorpi National Park are a short distance away. Right near the Korso center is the beautiful Ankkapuisto (The Duck Park). The Korso Sports Park includes a skate park and a multi-purpose field. Matari has a very popular skate park and tennis and football fields in Kulomäki. The highest point of all Vantaa, Kulokukkula, is located on the south side of Korso. According to tales, from there on a good weather you can see all the way to Estonia. Next to hill, the newest sports center in Vantaa is being built. It is called Elmo Sports Park, and it will feature a swimming hall, outdoor and indoor sports areas and an ice rink.

Activities and associations

There are many active associations in the Korso area. One of them is the Korso-Seura, which hosts well-known events, such as the Joulupolku, Christmas Street and the Korso Village Day. It also runs popular lending services, where residents can borrow party supplies or even an inflatable bouncy castle for events. On the sports side, Korso is home to the successful volleyball Korson Veto, Vantaa Ducks ice hockey team, Korson Kaiku and Korson palloseura. On the cultural side, Lumo High School is home to the next generation of theater and art. The music culture is represented by Lumon Puhaltajat and Vantaa's oldest male choir, Korson Mieslaulajat.

Child of the railroad

Korso got its beginning with the construction of Finland's very first railway from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna. At the start Korso was just a meeting place for the trains, and it was upgraded to a station in 1889. According to the story, the name of the station was taken from the nearby border of three keepers, Kors rå. Korso was originally part of Tuusula, Kerava and the rural municipality of Helsinki. Workers' homes and the villas of the wealthier Helsinki began to rise quickly around the station. There were also small industries such as a roofing felt factory and a foundry. Eventually, the Korso area was completely incorporated into the rural municipality of Helsinki, now known as Vantaa, in 1954. The center of Korso began to take shape in the 1960s.