Tikkurila in Light

Tikkurila in Light is a new light-art event that aims to enliven downtown Tikkurila, as well as to bring light and community togetherness into November darkness. The route consists of independent and location-based light and audio works, as well as lighting of structures, which bring out surprising stories and atmospheres from the familiar urban milieu. You can walk the entire route or focus on just one work of art.

Tikkurila in Light will brighten the city as part of the public art Vantaa in Light concept and also highlight children and the young's art, in honor of the Children's rights week.

Lights will be blazing on Fri-Sat, November 19 - 20, at 17:00 - 22:00

There will also be supplementary events during the main event. Tikkurila in Light is an open, barrier-free, and free-of-charge urban event. The event is produced by Vantaa Cultural Services in cooperation with Library and Citizen Services, Cultural Youth Work, Tikkurila Congregation, and Dixi shopping mall.


Sami Joutsimies and Edward Leonard
Old Vernissa factory reflects new color.

Vantaa youth workshops
Vantaa youth workshops’ light and audio artworks bring new light into Vernissa and its environs.

Janne Koivulahti
What if the seasons lived irrespective us? How would it feel like to slowly walk through the four seasons in the park? What would it arouse in you? How would it feel? If time were erased, would you feel happier? Janne Koivulahti's Vuodenajot illuminates Veteraanipuisto in separate moments, times, and feelings.

Heli Suoninen
The work of art considers an individual's concrete and mental home in relation to themselves and their environment. Some people regard the home base as a stable, unchanged safety place, whereas some regard it as part of life’s continuous cycle. The installation is also a metaphor for life's cycle - life begins somewhere and ends somewhere; the journey traveled between these two points is what makes life significant.

Anssi Ruotanen, Uula Korhonen
When a person dies, the moments touched together will remain. The departed will be born again from these moments and memories. Passing was born as a result from the death of the composer’s father, which affected the work in progress and refined the composition into its final form. The artwork does not aim to process death through sorrow, but approach passing as the mark, memory and impact left behind, which eventually provides comfort. The work consists of two parallel stories; that of the departed and that of the one staying behind.

Severi Haapala
The Game On light-art piece bows to the history of video games and, simultaneously, honors the salmon tail. The different levels of the artwork open as in video games; the first one is easy, while the following ones are more demanding. What do identifiers signify to the urban community? Who is the main opponent in the game? What game is this about? One starting point of the artwork is locality; if the work fails to make the viewer feel the joy of insight, the game has not been played on their part.

Veera Koskivaara
Huurre is a light-art piece, planned for the facade of Vantaa City Hall's assembly hall that plays with the dialogue between reflection and colors.

Vantaa Art School
Are we in a city, in a jungle, or in a dreamworld? In the multimedia artwork by students at Vantaa Art School, eyes—produced by various techniques—appear and disappear in the dark. The audio material was produced in the audio workshop, open to all the students.

Tikkurila library park dresses in new light.