Transfer of vehicles

The city will transfer incorrectly parked vehicles and vehicles obstructing maintenance to Vehicle Transfer Depot, address: Hanskalliontie 6, 01760 Vantaa.

The owner of a vehicle transferred to the depot must remunerate for the transfer costs of the vehicle before fetching it. For more information, call Parking Supervision cus-tomer service, tel. 09 8392 4191.
The city will gain ownership of transferred vehicles

  • if a vehicle transferred to the depot is not fetched within 60 days from the date the owner is notified of the transfer decision.
  • if the owner of the vehicle does not report within the above-mentioned period.
  • if the owner is otherwise deemed to have given up his or her right to the vehicle.

Vehicles transferred in the city's ownership are auctioned ( For more information on vehicles to be auctioned, call 050 346 3227.