The city supervises parking in its areas and counsels about issues related to parking.

Parking in Vantaa takes mostly place on private premises

In Vantaa, parking is mainly arranged by private bodies. Residents park in their own reserved parking spaces or those they have rented. Shops, shopping malls and other services usually provide parking lots in car parks on their yards or in separate car parks. The starting point is that each real property arranges the parking it needs either alone or together with other real properties.

General supplementary parking is allowed along streets, provided that it causes no traffic interference or risk to traffic safety. Street parking is subject to restrictions, displayed in the required traffic signs. Parking along streets and in city-provided parking lots is free of charge, but usually subject to time restrictions. Time restrictions range from ten minutes to 24 hours. In city centers, the time restrictions are usually tighter, so that as many people as possible can utilize the parking places.

Commuter parking at stations

In Vantaa, most train stations have commuter parking places. Commuter parking at the stations is subject to a time restriction of 12 or 24 hours, depending on the train station.

Bike parking

The responsibility for arranging parking places for bicycles is similar to that of car parking. The city arranges bike parking at mass transit terminals, at major bus stops, and in connection with public services. The city also aims to promote bike parking at workplace areas, residential areas, and commercial services.

Heavy-traffic parking

Vantaa is a logistics city with a lot of truck traffic. As a general rule, trucks park in business-owned parking lots and terminals. In addition, the city has reserved some time-restricted parking lots for trucks in different parts of the city. Parking elsewhere is dictated by the Road Traffic Act and by traffic signs, but we hope that those parking in residential areas will account for the environment as well as for the residents.

Parking at the airport

Finavia manages parking at the airport.

Parking Supervision

The city's parking supervision is mainly in charge of parking in public areas. Real-property owners can, however, conclude an agreement with the city's parking supervision on supervising parking in private areas. The City of Vantaa Parking Supervision has agreements on parking supervision with, among others, various business real properties' car parks and some private real properties' car parks.