Green areas

Green Area Unit bases its operations on the 2011-2020 green-area program whose vision is "Green areas are sustainable, well-managed, widely used, typical of their geographical location, and diverse." Green-area services are accessible and sufficiently versatile. The green-area program was compiled in close interaction with residents and their representatives.

Planning of green areas is linked to the different phases of urban planning: general land-use planning, planning of wide green areas, and planning the implementation of individual green areas. A general or implementation plan for green and outdoor recreation areas to be built or renovated will be compiled. Examples of sites include, among other things: activity parks, park playgrounds, dog parks, skating places, sports and outdoor recreation areas, recreation trails, and local outdoor recreation areas.

Green Area Unit is responsible for building new green areas as well as for basic renovation of old ones. Green Area Unit also constructs outdoor recreation and exercise areas and nature reserves. The city council decides in its annual budget how much money will be available for building and renovating green areas. When choosing sites, priority is given to safety issues, balanced development of the city, and various agreements.
Compliant with the green-area program, the city will systematically and continuously cooperate with residents of different ages, interest groups, and authorities. At the beginning of planning, residents and other potential cooperation partners will be informed in writing and over the Internet. Feedback on draft plans is received when the plans are made available for public inspection in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act. Public events will be arranged when planning the most important green areas.