Forest management:

The acreage of forests in Vantaa totals around 8 000 hectares, of which the city owns almost 3 500 hectares. In addition, the city owns small forest areas in the middle of residential areas—called park forests—whose acreage amounts to approximately 1 000 hectares.

The city manages its forests in accordance with the City of Vantaa forest-management principles and the 2008-2017 forest-management plan.

Biodiversity is a key forest-management principle. The city aims to ensure biodiversity by increasing the amount of decayed broad-leaved trees in the forests and by favoring indigenous and diverse tree stand. Forest management shall promote adaptation to climate change, for instance, by favoring trees that can withstand global warming and increasingly strong winds.

Forest management aims to cherish and highlight the landscape and beautiful scenery. Dense forests are thinned out in order to keep the forest healthy and sustainable.

Dilapidated trees must be removed for safety reasons, especially along recreation trails and in the vicinity of buildings.

In the course of 2015, the city will update the forest-management principles and compile a new forest-management plan that will cover years 2018-2027.