Customer service - Land Use, Building and Environmental Department

The joint land use customer service handles issues related to location data of underground pipelines, planning, building permits, various street-area permits, real properties, maps, and city survey. There is also exhibition space that will present, for instance, city zoning and plans.

If you have issues related to location data of underground pipelines, please contact To apply for a building permit, please also visit


Feedback on traffic, street maintenance and cleaning, street planning and building, as well as green areas primarily on feedback form.

Other feedback channels:

  • Street lighting malfunctions
  • Feedback on highways to ELY Centres and The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
  • On-call street maintenance outside office hours: Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department, tel. 09 8394 0000
  • Acute notification of danger about roads maintained by the state (e.g., Ring Road III, Hämeenlinnanväylä, Tuusulanväylä, Lahdentie and Lahdenväylä) to Tienkäyttäjän linja, tel. 0200 2100
  • Round-the-clock traffic-light fault reports, tel. 09 3103 7555
  • Feedback on the need for traffic supervision or questions about traffic legislation: