Tobacco Act and Nicotine Products

The health and food inspectors supervise the smoking prohibitions and restrictions and the selling of tobacco products. The selling of nicotine replacement products is also under surveillance.

Selling License

You need a license for selling tobacco products and nicotine replacements. In Vantaa, the license applications are handled by the Environment Centre. Displaying tobacco products and their trademarks is prohibited.

Surveillance of Smoke-Free Environment

The surveillance of the smoking prohibitions and restrictions is based on inspections (in ac-cordance with the Health Protection Act and the Food Act) and appeals.

Smoking in Public Places

Smoking is prohibited in

  • spaces and outdoor areas intended for minors,
  • day care centers,
  • educational institutions,
  • health care institutions,
  • public indoor spaces,
  • public transport,
  • common areas at workplaces,
  • common areas in apartment buildings, and
  • shelters and stands in public outdoor events.

Inside restaurants, smoking is only permitted in separate smoking booths.

Disturbing Smoke in Private Spaces

Investigation of secondhand smoke in apartments and other private spaces is based on written appeals.