Housing Health

The living conditions, including cleanliness, indoor temperature, humidity, lighting and radiation, in apartments and common areas must not cause health hazards to the residents.

Control of health conditions in housing is the responsibility of the municipal health authority, and the actual control work is done by the City of Vantaa Environment Centre. The health hazards in apartments and common areas are investigated by health engineers.

Contact the Property Owner First

If you suspect that your apartment has water damage or mold, or you suffer from noise, cold temperature, lacking ventilation or other similar problems, always contact your property owner or their representative (manager, head of the housing cooperative, landlord) first.

The owner of the real estate has a responsibility to investigate the problem and fix it. Water damages, for instance, ought to be fixed immediately, because they can cause health hazards.

Housing Inspections

If the property owner does not proceed with the required corrections, or in case of disagreement on the existence of a hazard, you can contact the Environment Centre.
The aim of a housing inspection is to establish whether the conditions in the dwelling pose a health risk to the residents. The inspector will decide upon the types of research, sampling and measurements required to clarify the health risk. The housing health instructions (Asumisterveysohje 2003:1) issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health are applied to assess whether the apartment has a health hazard that violates the Health Protection Act.

The inspections are not made for the purposes of selling or buying an apartment, or to evaluate the condition of the building.