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Map of Tikkurila building plan measurements 1937-47

Services for landowners and builders

Cadastral procedure

Plot subdivision

A plot refers to an independent real estate, located in the city-plan area and entered in the cadastre, that is, cadastral registry.

As a general rule, a plot is subdivided upon the landowner's application. Subdivision is applied for on an e-form. When the sold acreage covers plot subdivision, no separate application for plot subdivision is required. In urgent cases, to speed the beginning of plot subdivision, submit a separate application with the written consent of all parties concerned.

The parties concerned are informed of the time of the cadastral meeting. Before the meeting, the boundaries of the plot are marked on the terrain. In addition, easements can be set and removed during the cadastral meeting. The minutes of the meeting and a map are drawn.

The person applying for cadastral procedure is responsible for the costs arising from the plot subdivision. The costs vary, depending on the size of the plot and on the permitted building volume compliant with the city plan. In Vantaa, plot subdivisions take from 2 to 3 months (from application for plot subdivision to plot registration).

The National Land Survey is responsible for building sites outside the city plan.

Easement survey

It is possible to set as an easement, in the area of another real estate, a permanent right to place water, sewage, electrical conduits, for instance, for the purposes of a road, car maintenance and parking places, water distribution, etc. The real-estate easement is set in a separate easement survey or in connection with the cadastral procedure.

Property definition procedure (specifying boundaries)

If the mark signifying the boundary of the plot is lost or if there is dispute or unclarity concerning its place, a property-definition procedure can be initiated by the landowner's written application. The boundary is defined in a property-definition procedure, which lasts for 2-3 months.

Subdivisioning public areas

A street or park area compliant with the city plan is turned into a real estate by means of a public-area subdivision procedure, carried out upon application by the city or the landowner. The city confirms the costs from the subdivision.

Public purchase witnessing

Real-estate or land sales, exchanges and gifts must always be made in writing. A public purchase witness confirms the deed of transfer with a certificate. City-employed public purchase witnesses confirm deeds of transfer as regards also private real-estate and land sales throughout the country.

The public purchase witness' fee is €120 (+travel expenses), in cash.

Contact information: E-mail addresses are in the form of:

Name, Position, Tel.

Kimmo Junttila, City Geodesist, 040 085 0237
Ossi Örn, Urban Geodetic Engineer, 040 661 6270
Riikka Pirinen, Real Estate Engineer, 040 593 9210 (not available)
Pekka Simojoki, Surveyor, 040 845 7987
Petri Rantala, Cadastral Engineer, 0400 541 258
Petri Huotari, Cadastral Engineer, 040 845 7970
Tero Sikiö, Cadastral Engineer, 050 302 6773
Minna Rainamo, Cadastral Engineer, 043 824 7476
Kai Virtanen, Surveyor, 050 302 6750

Building supervision measurements

The place of the building is marked on the terrain after the building permit has been granted.
The placement supervision is conducted when the corners of the building's plinth are visible.
Building supervision measurements can be inquired via tel. 839 22279 or e-mail:

Site layout plan and alterations

A site layout plan is a plan for subdividing an area, designated in the city plan as a building block, into plots. A site layout plan can be compiled separately or as part of the city plan. The plots planned are set as real estates with the help of the plot subdivision procedure.

The site layout plan is compiled at the land-owner's request, or whenever deemed necessary.

Site layout plan is applied on an e-form. Compiling a site layout plan from application to approval takes 2 months.