Building Control

General information

The objective of Vantaa Building Control is to maintain a safe, healthy and pleasant way of building through inspection, instruction and guidance of planning and building.

Building Control is part of the Land Use and Environmental Department and operates under the Environment Board and its Building Permit Section. The head of Building Control is Mr Pekka Virkamäki. The office is divided in to two units, permit- and technical control.

Principle of operation

Building Control is responsible for the guidance, control and supervision of building and planning. This includes issues that fall under the Building Permit sections domain in accordance to the guiding principles of the Board.

In addition to the head of Building Control, the staff consists of building inspection engineers, permit architects and a necessary number of technical and office staff including a building legislation lawyer.

For further information please contact:

Head of Building Control Pekka Virkamäki, tel +358 505592082
Building Permit Manager Ilkka Rekonen, tel +358 408610795
Technical Control Manager Pasi Timo, tel 4000631277
Building Legistlation Lawyer Antti S. Salonen, tel 438267329


Postal address
Kielotie 20 C FIN-01350 Vantaa Finland
E-mail address

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 8:15 - 16:00