Psychological Services for Children

If the support provided by a counseling bureau or day care is insufficient, psychological services are available to families expecting a baby, to under-school-age children and their parents. Psychological services aim to support interaction, children’s development, parenting, as well as to identify problems at an early stage.

Here's how a psychologist can help:

  • conduct psychological tests
  • counsel parents as regards their child’s development and upbringing
  • carry out therapeutic discussions when a family with a baby and/or child undergoes change or crisis.

An appointment with a psychologist requires a referral, which you can get, for example, from a counseling bureau public-health nurse, doctor, or day care. Psychologists cooperate with counseling bureaus, day care and other actors working with the family.

Psychological services are free of charge, voluntary, and confidential.

Neuropsychological services

Neuropsychological services are meant for under-school-year olds, children in basic school, the young, and their families. The services aim to identify special and learning difficulties at an early stage and alleviate the consequences arising from difficulties.

Here’s how a neuropsychologist can help:

  • conduct neuropsychological tests
  • counsel and advise parents
  • plan support measures and rehabilitation
  • participate in neuropsychological counseling

An appointment with a neuropsychologist requires a referral, which you can get from district rehabilitation teams for children. Neuropsychologists cooperate with day care, school and other actors working with the children and the young. Offices are located in Myyrmäki, Koivukylä and Tikkurila.

The services are free of charge, voluntary, and confidential.

Psychological services for children in preschool education

Psychologists support the welfare of children in preschool education and their families. The services are free of charge.

When do I make contact?

Whenever you need

  • help and support in preventing problems and in problem situations
  • counseling and advice as regards your child’s development, growth, and preschool education.

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