Counseling bureau's family work

A family worker helps families when their everyday life is problematic. The family can discuss any issues troubling them with a family worker, and they can together think of solutions for problematic situations. There's no need to be ashamed: everybody needs a helping hand sometime!

Counseling bureau's family work is meant for families expecting a child, as well as families with small children. Family workers usually make house calls, because it is often more convenient for families. When required, you can also meet a family worker at your local counseling bureau.

You can contact a family worker yourself, or a public-health nurse may suggest that you meet with one. Family work is a free-of-charge service.

When could family work be useful?

Do not hesitate to contact us when

  • everyday life is problematic for some reason or another
  • there are concerns about the pregnancy or everyday life with a baby
  • there is concern about a child's growth and development related to, among other things, sleep-school guidance, daily rhythm, the negative age, jealousy
  • parenthood needs boosting
  • there are problems with partner- and family relationships
  • you feel exhausted

Do not try to cope with your worries all on your own!