Maternity and child welfare clinics

The customers of maternity and child welfare clinics consist of pregnant women, under-school-age children and their families. The clinics monitor the health of the pregnant mother and child, and support the wellbeing of the entire family.

Changes in maternity and child welfare clinics’ operations

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Maternity clinics monitor the progress of pregnancy and aim to ensure the health of the pregnant mother as well as that of the child to be born. Furthermore, maternity clinics inform the parents about and support them in issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and everyday life in a family with a baby. Families that are expecting their first baby can also participate in family trainingthat will prepare them for the coming change in life. You can acknowledge paternity at a maternity clinic during pregnancy from the begining of 2016. After the child's birth, paternity is acknowledged at an appointment with a child welfare officer.

Child welfare clinics monitor the child's health, development and growth, as well as provide the parents with guidance and counseling. While visiting the clinic, you can jointly discuss any issues troubling the family, boost the family's own resources, and promote healthy lifestyles. At the clinic, the child will receive vaccines compliant with the vaccination program.

An important part of the clinics' work entails family work. Family workers will help your family when there are problems in your everyday life.

Vantaa to pilot Voimaperheet operating model at counseling bureaus

Vantaa is piloting the Voimaperheet operating model at Tikkurila, Martinlaakso and Kartanonkoski counseling bureaus. Voimaperheet is a support form developed for treating and preventing childhood behavioral problems.

The operating model consists of an assessment of children's psychosocial capacities in the counseling bureau's 4th-year health check as well as counseling parents on preventing and early treatment of behavioral problems. All the families in the area are mailed a Voimaperheet survey in the month preceding their children’s fourth birthday.

In the counseling for parents a parent or guardian practices management of challenging upbringing situations with the help of online material and weekly training discussions over the phone.

Just got a positive pregnancy test result?

Here´s what to do:

You can make the appointment to your via telephone. If you know some finnish you can visit the information pages about pregnancy.