Family violence

If you are threatened, hit or abused, do not suffer all on your own: Talk to your friends and contact parties that can help you! You have the right to lead a violence-free life. When you tell a professional that you are a victim of abuse or live under the threat of being abused, you and the professional can together consider the kind of help you need.

Also emotional abuse constitutes domestic violence

Domestic violence can take the form of physical abuse, but it can also entail emotional abuse, intimidation, threatening, isolating the other person at home without food and money. According to the penal code, emotional abuse can be compared with physical violence.

Nobody has to suffer from violence. No emotion or situation—such as jealousy, fear of losing another person or fear of being rejected, the pain of divorce, infidelity, or sexual rejection—justifies violence.

For a child, witnessing domestic violence is as destructive as being subjected to it.

Domestic violence is not a private matter but a punishable deed

The police investigates all cases it is informed of. A person subjected to violence must seek help for himself or herself and his or her friends and family members, even if it were difficult. Violence never stops by itself. Even if violence does not occur every day, its threat and fear are constantly present. Also the abuser needs help.