Housing for psychiatric convalescents

Who is it meant for:

People over 18 who need housing services for mental-health reasons.

Forms of housing for psychiatric convalescents

There are three service levels:

  • Supported living in one's own home or in a service provider's assisted housing unit.
  • Service housing in a housing unit.
  • Enhanced service housing, that is, around-the-clock service housing in a housing unit.

How can I become a customer

You can apply for housing services while at a hospital, outpatient psychiatric services, or through your own social worker. Your need for service will be assessed together with the referring party.

An application for housing services is required. As an appendix to the application, you need a doctor's estimate on the need for housing service.

The unit is responsible for coordinating housing services, assessing the customers' need for service, and monitoring rehabilitation. Housing Services' service unit will make decisions on customer fees and on potential social assistance.