Detoxification treatment

Who is inpatient detoxification treatment meant for?

Detoxification treatment is meant for adult alcohol- and drug addicts for whom outpatient care is insufficient.

How do I get to treatment?

An employee of the referring unit will assess your need for detoxification treatment, as well as the urgency of treatment, over the phone with the booking employee of the detoxification unit.

You can reserve a treatment place by calling Alppikatu office, Mon-Fri: 8:30-16:00, tel. 050 312 1955. Detox treatment customers can arrive to their reserved places every day from 8:00 to 15:00.

You can also contact us:

  • if you are concerned about your friend or relative's substance abuse,
  • if you encounter substance abusers at work and want advice.

What does inpatient detoxification treatment entail?

The aim of the around-the-clock treatment is to break the customer's addiction cycle and ease his or her withdrawal symptoms. The 1-3-week treatment consists of:

  • charting the customer’s state of health and social situation,
  • appointment with a doctor at the beginning and during treatment,
  • treatment of withdrawal symptoms (medicinal treatment and other treatment, for example, ear acupuncture),
  • discussions with the customer's own pair of employees,
  • group treatment and information events (A-kilta, AA, NA, and congregation’s substance abuse work)
  • therapeutic community where the customers and employees form a supportive and safe care environment and
  • assess the need for follow-up care and plan it.

Take with you:

  • your personal hygiene products (e.g., toothbrush and razor)
  • indoor and outdoor clothes (you will be wearing your own clothes, which you can wash at the detoxification center)
  • some money to spend

Do not take with you:

  • intoxicants or tools for using them
  • edged weapons or corresponding objects.

In what kind of shape can I come to treatment?

At the beginning of treatment you may be intoxicated, but you must be able to transact. You must be able to eat, wash yourself, dress yourself, and move around independently. You can also use a wheelchair or a rollator.

How much will the treatment cost?

Your financial situation is not an obstacle to treatment. The customer fee is €38.80 per day. If you are insolvent, you can apply for exemption from payment by contacting the social worker at the detoxification center.