Information for parents

The adults’ responsibility is to protect the young from substance abuse. Substances disturb the development of the body and the central nervous system as well as mental development.

Intoxicated young people are exposed to accidents and violence, and they are likely to engage in behavior which they will regret afterwards. Substance use at a young age can lead to addictions and substance abuse later in life.

Remember the importance of interaction

  • Spend time with your child, pay attention to their life, listen, and talk.
  • Talk about substances, substance abuse, and their disadvantages before your child starts to experiment with them.
  • Also, prepare to talk about adults’ substance use with your child.
  • Be consistent and make it clear that you do not approve minors’ substance use. Young people benefit from clear boundaries.
  • Do not buy alcohol for minors or offer it to them. Buying alcohol for minors and supplying it to them is prohibited by law.
  • Be aware of where your child spends their free time and with whom. Get to know your child's friends and their parents. Agree on similar rules with other parents.

Frequently asked questions

A store is selling alcohol to minors. Whom should I contact?

  • Whenever you encounter a violation of the Alcohol Act, contact the Regional State Administrative Agency by email at ilkka.ripatti(at)

A kiosk is selling cigarettes to minors. Where can I report this?

  • Report all violations of the Tobacco Act to Vantaa Environment Center, tel. 09 8392 3110 Mon-Fri at 8:30–11:30, or contact the Environmental Health Department by email at ymparistoterveys(at)

I am worried about an adolescent’s substance use. What should I do?

  • You can contact their school nurse or curator. You should also contact their parents or guardian. If required, a child welfare report will be filed. Also, young people under 21 and their family members can contact the Youth Center Nuppi for more information and help regarding substance abuse.