Assistance for special food costs during the coronavirus epidemic

Half of Kela’s basic-assistance food costs will be granted as supplementary social assistance—for special grounds—during the coronavirus epidemic. The special support is primarily meant for low-income customers entitled to Kela’s basic social assistance.

The assistance can be granted for

  • supplementing quarantine food reserves for 14 days, and
  • for food costs of children absent from day-care center or school because of the coronavirus epidemic. The assistance can be granted for the period when having meals at school or day-care center are not realized.

Please send the application for this supplementary social assistance primarily through the online Maisa service.

You can also begin the application process over the phone: call 09 8392 3384 (from Monday to Friday: 8:15-16:00).

We will always try to handle these applications as urgent. The assistance will be paid to the bank account specified in the applicant's application.

Apply to Kela for basic social assistance

Read more about applying for social assistance on Kela's website. If Kela’s decision is incorrect in your opinion, you can apply for a change by submitting a claim for a revised decision to Kela. The City of Vantaa will not take a stand on decisions on basic social assistance made by Kela.
Go to Kela's website and see for which costs you may get basic social assistance.

Apply to the city for supplementary and preventive social assistance

If you have specific costs that are not covered by basic social assistance, Vantaa Health and Social Welfare department may grant you discretionary supports: supplementary and preventive social assistance.
Nevertheless, you first need a valid Kela decision on basic social assistance.

Supplementary social assistance

• can be granted for costs arising from different life situations for which you cannot get basic social assistance
• costs arising from your or your family's special needs or circumstances that are deemed necessary to guarantee your livelihood or promote your coping independently
• Kela’s social assistance calculation is no longer needed for support for burying a relative.

Preventive social assistance

• As a social work customer, you can apply for preventive social assistance based on individual consideration. The support is based on consideration and a social work plan that is compiled together with you. Preventive social assistance supports independent coping.
• In issues related to preventive social assistance, contact your own social worker.

Apply for supplementary social assistance in Vantaa

You can apply for supplementary or preventive social assistance through Kela on the same form with which you apply for basic social assistance, in which case Kela will, at your request, forward your application to Vantaa Health and Social Services department.

If you already have a Kela decision on basic social assistance, you can apply Vantaa Health and Social Welfare Department for supplementary social assistance by filling in an online application and sending it by email or delivering it personally to Karsikkokuja.

Easy online application

You can apply for supplementary social assistance online. An online application will be immediately available for processing at Vantaa’s customer-information system.
If you apply for social assistance online, you can also choose to have the decision on social assistance emailed to your citizen's account.

Take the application to Karsikkokuja

If you cannot submit an online application, you can apply for social assistance on a paper application. Print the form or fetch it from a social work service point.
Application for supplementary social assistance

The applications will be handled at Karsikkokuja service point, so please deliver you application directly to Karsikkokuja.

  • You can send your application to: PL 6703, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki or you can personally take it to: Karsikkokuja 17, 01360 Vantaa, 2nd floor.
  • The office is open at 9:00-14:00.

You can also leave your application at Social Work for Adults’ service points:

  • Verso – Vernissakadun sosiaalipalvelut, Vernissakatu 8 C, 01300 Vantaa
  • Koivukylän palvelupiste, Karsikkokuja 15, 01360 Vantaa
  • Myyrmäen palvelupiste, Jönsaksentie 4, 01600 Vantaa

Note! If you leave a written application elsewhere than Karsikkokuja 17, please remember that there will be a short delay in handling your application (it will be handled only after it has arrived in internal mail and entered into the customer-information system).