After Care

Who is the service meant for?

After care for the young is meant for under-25-year-olds placed by Vantaa or for those who have been taken into care or placed into a foster family for a continuous period of at least six months. In addition, the customership with child protection must not date back farther than five years.

The social work for the young team is responsible for after care for the young placed by municipalities other than Vantaa. More information is available here.

What is it?

After care supports the young person in starting his or her independent living. After care is also available to a young person returning to his or her parents. After care also supports parenting, as well as the relatives and friends of the young person concerned.

After care offers:

  • personal guidance and counseling
  • help with finding your own resources
  • help with planning your future
  • help with acquiring housing
  • support for independent living
  • support for studying and finding a job
  • financial assistance and counseling on budgeting your money

After care services are always based on the after care plan. Receiving the services is voluntary.


A social worker makes the referral to after care together with the young person concerned. The guardian of an under-18-year-old will participate in compiling the referral. If you do not know whether you are entitled to after care of not, contact the chief social worker. An after care employee will be nominated to each young person.

When will after care end?

The right to after care ends when a young person has his/her 25th birthday