Intimate partner violence

In case of intimate partner violence, the mediators first meet with the concerned parties separately and then (on a different day), potentially, in a joint mediation meeting.

The meetings are confidential and discuss the crime and its consequences, as well as the parties’ wishes for solving the matter and for safe future. The mediators may also offer advice on other available services.

The parties will personally participate in the mediation. Since mediation is voluntary, each party can suspend it at whatever point, if they so wish.

Preconditions for mediation will be assessed throughout the process. When required, the mediation office can suspend the mediation process at whatever point. Mediation does not have to result in an agreement. Using a support person or an assistant shall be agreed in advance.

If the family in question has underage children, the police will submit a notification to child protection at the beginning of the investigation.

Mediation employees will cooperate with child protection (Child Welfare Act 417/2007, §25).

Your mediation counselor will give you the contact information of your local family mediation center, when required.