Changes in your life situation?

Life is filled with events and occurrences that also have an impact on finances.

A change of life may be a conscious decision or dictated by circumstances. Changes in income and expenditure often arise from changes of life. There will be problems if income falls and expenses rise. It is advisable to save money for the rainy day. If, however, life takes you by surprise, and you experience financial problems, do not ponder on the situation on your own: advice and support are available.


In retirement, income often drops, while expenses may stay the same. When retired, your income will be about 50%-70% of your present income. In some cases, expenses may increase. For instance, it is common that health-care costs increase when in retirement. So, be prepared for diminished income, Use the pension calculator to estimate how much pension you will receive and try to pay off, for instance, debts, before you retire.


Unemployment often comes as a surprise and brings with it a significant decrease in income. In case of unemployment, start immediately to pay attention to your expenses. If you are a member of a labor union or an unemployment fund, you will receive a daily allowance that is higher than the basic unemployment allowance. Earnings-related daily unemployment benefit amounts to 50%-70% of your income. The basic unemployment allowance without any increases such as child benefit is €32.68/day.


Long-term sickness and disability will diminish your income. Use a calculator to estimate the amount of your sickness allowance. You can also calculate the duration of the sickness-allowance period, that is, for how long the daily allowance will be paid.

Becoming independent

Moving to your own home and becoming independent are exciting stages in your life: you now get to decide on your own affairs by yourself. In addition to freedom, independence brings about responsibilities. The costs of living may surprise you. You very often have to pay a 2-month rent deposit for your rented apartment. Besides the rent, you have to pay for water and electricity, home insurance, acquisition of furniture and household appliances. Furthermore, you are yourself responsible for all the other costs ranging from food to leisure time. In order to not wreck your finances, be sure to monitor your consumption and to make sure that you can afford everything necessary. You will find various applications with which you can monitor your finances.

Birth of a child

During maternity and parental leave, income often drops, while expenses usually rise. When a new family member comes along, you will have to acquire all kind of paraphernalia, insurance, and maybe you also have to change your apartment for a bigger one. You could spend a fortune on baby paraphernalia, but, luckily, you can manage with less. Flea markets and online used-items services offer even high-quality baby/children's paraphernalia at affordable prices. You should prepare yourself for the decrease in income well in advance and monitor your consumption.


Divorce will disrupt not only your life but also your finances. One household turns into two separate households. Joint assets are shared, the apartment is sold, and the parties move into their own apartments. This usually generates additional expenses for which you cannot prepare in advance. Even though your mind is overwhelmed, you should start paying attention to your finances as soon as possible. You may have to make big chances in your consumption patterns. You might not be able to afford leisure time activities and luxury products and services. Divorce also affects many Kela-granted benefits.