Debt counseling

Contact financial and debt counseling if your debt situation has become unmanageable and you are unable to pay your bills or debt when they are due.
We will advise you on issues related to debt management and financial planning. We will analyze how to solve your situation if you are over-indebted, and we will help you settle your debts. The primary aim is to make settlement agreements with your debtors, compliant with your solvency.
  • When required, we will help you to apply for private person's restructuring of debts at a district court.
  • We will help you acquire documents; compile applications, statements and pleas as well as an appeal at the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court.
  • We will also help and advise you as regards following and changing the repayment scheme.
  • When required, we will also help you seek other legal aid and guide you to other services that facilitate your situation.
  • Our services are free-of-charge and meant for Vantaa residents.

Phone counseling and appointment service:

Financial and Debt Counseling's phone consultation and appointment service is open
on weekdays 08.00-16.15, p. 029 56 60160. Address: Koskikeskus, Vernissakatu 4, 6. krs, 01300 Vantaa.