Rehabilitation for veterans

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Our war veterans are provided with rehabilitation that improves their mobility and functional abilities.

You can apply for rehabilitation for war veterans, if: you live in Finland; participated in the 1935-1949 wars; and have a soldier identification badge, battlefront service badge or battlefront badge.

In rehabilitation, the veteran's need for rehabilitation is assessed and a rehabilitation plan is compiled for him. A physio- or occupational therapist and a practical nurse will make 1-3 visits to the veteran's home and, on the basis of their assessment, compile a rehabilitation plan together with the veteran.

Rehabilitation can be

Outpatient rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapy as a purchased service. Rehabilitation will take place either at an institution or at the veteran's home.

Day rehabilitation

  • 10-day rehabilitation at Foibe (2 days/week). Includes transportation, meals, individual and group treatment, as well as lectures.

Institutional rehabilitation

  • 10—14-day rehabilitation at an institution approved by State Treasury.
  • The veteran's spouse may simultaneously participate in rehabilitation, if deemed appropriate for the veteran's rehabilitation.
  • The veteran may express a wish for the rehabilitation place, but the functional-ability classification will set limits on the rehabilitation place.

Home rehabilitation

  • Home visits by a practical nurse that aim to improve the veteran's coping at home.

Foot care

  • 4 x €50 / year
  • You can get a foot-care decision by calling the rehabilitation office.

Based on the rehabilitation plan, rehabilitation may also be a combination of different forms of rehabilitation. If a rehabilitation plan has been compiled for the veteran, no separate medical reports will be needed to apply for rehabilitation. If the rehabilitation plan has not yet been drawn, contact rehabilitation for veterans (contact information on the right).

State Treasury is responsible for rehabilitation for war invalids and those who served at certain tasks related to Finnish wars. Medical reports related to the above shall be mailed to: Valtiokonttori, Sotilasvamma- ja veteraaniasiat, Pl 60, 00054 Valtiokonttori