Hearing Tests and Eye Care

Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests for Children

Children’s hearing is tested at child welfare clinics and schools as a part of their annual medical examinations. If the screening test shows something abnormal, the public health nurse refers the child to an audiologist for a more comprehensive examination.

Under 4-year-old children's hearing cannot be reliably tested at health centers, therefore, they will receive a referral to the Hearing Center (HUH/HUS).

Hearing Tests for Adults

You can make an appointment for a hearing test whenever you feel the need. You do not need a referral.

Before the hearing test, you should check your ears for excess wax buildup. This can be done e.g. at a nurse’s appointment at your own health center.

Audiologist's Contact Information

Vernissakatu 8 C
01300 Vantaa

Note: Please wait for the janitor to guide you to the examination room.

Audiologist’s Phone Consultation Hours and Appointment Service
Appointment cancellations and changes:
You can cancel your appointment by SMS.
tel. 040 4875067

Hearing Aids

If you have problems related to your hearing aid, contact the provider of the device or HUH Hearing Center.

Eye Care

In some cases, the city of Vantaa grants promissory notes for glasses according to the instructions of HUH Department of Eye Diseases.

Promissory notes are granted to

  • under 8-year-old children for treatment and prevention of low functional vision and/or strabismus. If you have questions about promissory notes for under 8-year-olds’ glasses, call 050 3044 190.
  • visually impaired people. A person is determined as visually impaired, if their visual disability has a permanent degree of disability of at least 50 percent.

Eye doctors are familiar with these criteria and they will fill a promissory note form for you, if one of these criteria is fulfilled.

Send the form to the following address:
Koivukylän sosiaali- ja terveysasema/Kuntoutus
Karsikkokuja 15 4. krs
01360 Vantaa

You will receive the promissory note via mail. You will also receive further instructions and a list of optical stores where you can use the promissory note.

You can send inquiries about eyeglasses for under-8-year-olds and about eye care for the visually impaired to:

Rehabilitation Coordinator, Tuula Törneblom, tel. 040 838 2910.