Think you may have the coronavirus?

If you have only mild symptoms, you can make an appointment for the test yourself. You will find more information on the service in the notification. Now the Coronabot service has been updated with the feature to book an appointment on behalf of someone else. A parent can book an appointment for their dependant under 16 years of age. If you wish to make an appointment with somebody else, please contact the coronavirus counseling telephone of Vantaa.

All health center services available by appointment

Because of the coronavirus situation, you can conduct business at a health center only by appointment.

  • Hakunila and Länsimäki Health Centers +358 (0)9 839 35928
  • Korso Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35923
  • Koivukylä Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35922
  • Martinlaakso Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35924
  • Myyrmäki Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35925
  • Tikkurila Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35926

If you have symptoms of infection (fever, cough, sniffles, sore throat, etc.,) and you need professional help, call the infection phone number 09 839 50070, on weekdays at 8:00–18:00 and on weekends and midweek holidays at 9:00-16:00.

During the call, your need for treatment will be assessed and your further treatment will be planned; for example, an appointment will be made for you, you will get home care instructions or a medical certificate. Vantaa residents with symptoms of infection will be treated at the following four health centers:

  • Korso Health Center
  • Martinlaakso health center
  • Myyrmäki Health Center
  • Tikkurila health center infection reception.

Conducting non-urgent business

  • Tell about your symptoms on the Click your symptoms service. We will contact you within two business days.
  • If you suspect a coronavirus infection and you only have light symptoms, you can make an appointment for taking a sample yourself through the Coronabot, or you can call the coronavirus counseling telephone, which is open from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 4 pm on weekends on the number +358 (0)9 839 50070.
  • Service for the hearing impaired
  • For non-urgent matters (such as periodic check-ups, inquiries of medical results, medical reports, or renewal of a prescription), you can leave a callback request between 8 am and 12 noon at the telephone number of your own health center.
  • You can receive service in non-urgent matters from
    • Pharmacists (matters related to medication or renewal of prescriptions)
    • Public health nurses (Diabetes treated with tablets, astma, hypertension; or you want to make an appointment for memory testing, lifestyle guidance, or health screening of the unemployed)
    • Physical therapists (musculoskeletal disorders such as back, neck, knee, or shoulder pain),
    • Nurses and practical nurses in other matters (such as appointments for doctors and nurses, guidance and counseling)

Conducting urgent business during the coronavirus epidemic in other matters besides those related to coronavirus

Give us feedback on our renewed phone service

We have opened a new feedback channel,, through which Vantaa residents can send feedback on as well as ideas for developing health centers’ renewed phone service.

Through the feedback channel, you can give feedback on, for example, the functioning of the phone menus or call-back request. This provides us with real-time feedback on, among other things, how the menus function. The feedback you give us makes it possible for us to make changes in our operations.

We will not personally respond to the feedback given, and the feedback channel is not suitable for giving feedback on care-related issues.

Conducting other business at the health centers

You cannot make appointments through Maisa for nurses or public health nurses, family planning nurses, or to the children’s emergency physician. (You can make an appointment with a psychiatric nurse and pharmacist.)

Children’s emergency after business hours

Under-16-year-old residents of Vantaa who become ill suddenly will primarily be treated 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at their own health center, and after 4 pm at the common Emergency Room of the New Children’s Hospital.

Children’s and young people’s treatment on weekdays 8 am – 4 pm at their own health center.

HUSLAB serves on the basis of appointments as of March 30

  • Make an appointment online: HUSLAB or call 09 471 86800 (Mon-Fri: 7:30–15:30).
  • Come to the laboratory only shortly before your appointment.
  • If at all possible, come alone without anybody accompanying you.
  • Queue numbers are still applied to emergency care patients and returning of samples.
  • These changes are made in order to ensure your safety

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus

THL's page contains questions and answers about the novel coronavirus. We are monitoring the situation and updating our answers to these questions as and when needed.

Tikkurila health center

Ask a public-health nurse

  • Public-health nurses' phone consultation hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00, call to the telephone number of your own health center.

Public-health nurses will help you with issues related to, among other things, lifestyles, diabetes, cholesterol, memory tests, and will give you laboratory test results. You can make an appointment with a public-health nurse during their phone consultation hours or you can make an online appointment.

The deaf and the hearing impaired

Deaf and hearing-impaired Vantaa residents can make or cancel appointments by text messages. When making an appointment, a nurse may text questions clarifying the customer's situation.

  • Write your full name, identity number and reason for the appointment in the text message. Send a text message to phone number 050 314 6326.

Rheumatism treatment

Personal doctors treat patients with rheumatism at the health center. Tikkurila and Myyrmäki health centers have rheumatism units. Personal doctors can consult the units' rheumatism specialists.

The Tikkurila rheumatism unit serves Central and North Vantaa, while the Myyrmäki unit serves West Vantaa. Contact the rheumatism unit through your own health center team. A doctor's referral is required for the rheumatism unit.

Do you need a vaccination?

Basic vaccinations are given at the nurses' appointments. You can make an appointment by calling the team numbers or you can make an online appointment.

In addition, Tikkurila health center has a vaccination reception for all Vantaa residents, which will also give you a yellow fever vaccination and a prescription for anti-malarial drugs.

Measure your blood pressure

You can measure your blood pressure yourself on the second floor of Tikkurila health center.