Health excamination when arriving in Finland via the airport


When you arrive from abroad at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, you must participate in a health check as soon as possible after entering the country. Valid official regulations specify how the health check at the airport is conducted as well as the countries of departure the health check applies to.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) updates the instructions for passengers, and up-to-date instructions for people arriving in Finland are always available on THL's website. We recommend everybody to always check the latest instructions on THL’s website.

The contact information form, which is currently demanded from passengers entering Finland in connection with the health check, can be printed for preliminary filling in on this page in the near future. Contact information forms filled in in advance will make the health check process at Helsinki-Vantaa airport more flexible.

Henkilötietolomake COVID-19 (FI)

Blankett för personuppgifter COVID-19 (SV)

Personal information COVID19 form (EN)