Woman wearing a mask and another person holding covid19-instructions

In order to curb the coronavirus epidemic, there are both Finland-wide and regional restrictions and recommendations. Regional constraints and recommendations depend on the stage of the epidemic in the area. In a 3 August 2021 meeting, the Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group determined that the region has returned to the community transmission phase.

You can find information on applicable restrictions and recommendations on the government webpage.

Existing regional restrictions can be reviewed on the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District HUS webpage.

You can slow down the spread of the coronavirus epidemic by your own actions. Use face mask as recommended, remember to keep a safety distance and wash your hands. The city of Vantaa distributes free face masks to the poorest and most vulnerable. If you don’t feel completely healthy, please stay at home.

You can download to your phone the free Koronavilkku application. The app will notify you if you have been near a sick person and you may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

A coronavirus test is worth taking to prevent the epidemic from spreading. Appointments for sampling are currently well available and the results will come quickly. We recommend that you book a test because of even milder symptoms.

We will collect vaccine-related status information on Coronavirus vaccinations website. By following the webpage, you will stay up to date on the vaccination situation in Vantaa and the vaccination schedules of different population groups.

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