Information and councelling

Opening hours of Vantaa health and social welfare service points during summer 2020

Counseling for senior citizens

When you need information on activities and services promoting the wellbeing of senior citizens,
call 09 8392 4202 (on weekdays from 8:15 to 16:00), or send
email to:

The counseling service will give you information on activities and services promoting wellbeing, provided by private businesses and the city.
In addition to supporting wellbeing, Senior Counseling focuses on service counseling. Support for wellbeing is targeted at residents burdened with illness or growing old, for instance, people with memory disorders and caregiver families.

Emergency services in Vantaa

Emergency services

Healt councelling in Vantaa

Healt councelling

Health services in Vantaa

Health services

Vantaa Info also serves seniors

Vantaa Info service points provide information on municipal and government services. At the service points, you can take care of various authorities' matters; pick up forms and leave filled-in forms to be further delivered.

At Vantaa Info, you can, for example,

  • pay city-issued bills without service charge,
  • update HSL travel-card discount groups,
  • buy retiree's city card for meals,
  • and acquire free-of-charge sports card for 70+-year-olds for the city's sports and exercise facilities.

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