If you live abroad, you can vote by mail

Will you be abroad at the time the election takes place? You can vote by mail.

Postal voting abroad

Those Finnish nationals who are entitled to vote and who permanently or during the election are staying abroad can vote by mail from abroad. Those who are permanently staying abroad are not entitled to vote in the county elections.

You can order the voting documents to your address abroad. Be sure to carefully read the instructions sent to you with the documents before filling in the postal voting form. Please note that the form must be signed by two witnesses. The witnesses may not be your next of kin. Return the documents according to the instructions to your own municipality’s central election committee.

You can order the postal voting material about three months before the election. You can vote as soon as the candidates’ numbers are published. Votes given by mail shall be with the election authority no later than on January 21, 2022, so that they can be accounted for in the county elections.

You will find general information about postal voting as well as order and operating instructions on the Ministry of Justice's website. Check out also further information and answers to frequently asked questions.