Pre-primary Education Enrollment

A child’s guardian is obliged to ensure that their child participates in pre-primary education or some other activity that fulfills the objectives of pre-primary education during the year before compulsory education begins.
Children born in 2015 will participate in pre-primary education during the school year 2021–2022. In addition, those 7-year-olds whose first school year has been postponed by a year as well as those 5-year-olds with a decision on extended compulsory education are entitled to pre-primary education.
Pre-primary education is organised during school working days, 20 hours a week and 4 hours a day. Pre-primary education is mainly organised in day care centres. It’s free to participate in pre-primary education, and a daily meal is provided to the child.

Welcome to pre-primary education

Pre-primary education will begin on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, and end on Friday, June 3, 2022.

Instructions for enrolment

You can enrol your child for pre-primary education electronically in the VaSa service.
You must log in to the service with the identification method by using your online banking IDs, mobile certificate or certificate card. You can edit the enrolment after submitting it as well as track its process in the service.
If you cannot complete the enrolment electronically, you can also submit your enrolment on paper. You can fill in and print out the form from the website. A filled-in form can be returned to any municipal day care centre or sent to early childhood education at: Varhaiskasvatus, Esiopetukseen ilmoittautuminen, PL 313, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.

If your child needs early childhood education in addition to pre-primary education

In addition to pre-primary education (4 hours a day), your child also has the possibility to participate in early childhood education, which is subject to a fee.
You do not need to fill in an early childhood education application if your child has already been in early childhood education in Vantaa before pre-primary education begins.
However, you must fill in an application for early childhood education if the child:
• is moving from private early childhood education or a service-voucher day care centre to a municipal day care centre
• is moving from one service-voucher day care centre to another

If your child has not been in early childhood education in Vantaa and needs early childhood education in addition pre-primary education, you must also fill in an application for early childhood education. The application must be completed at least four months before the child needs a place in early childhood education.

Further information about pre-primary education and enrolment
Further information is available at day care centres and from early childhood education service counsellors.