Day Care Centers

lapset leikkivät palikoilla

Day care centers provide either part-time or full-time care according to the families' needs. The size of the groups varies according to the children's age and special needs. The most common groups are under 3-year-olds and over 3-year-olds. The age distribution in sibling groups is wider, and the size of the group varies accordingly. Day care centers also provide clubs and open day care, as well as temporary child care services.

Finnish speaking day care centers' opening hours are 6:00 - 18:00. Opening hours can vary in different day care centers, of which the director of the day care center can give more detailed information. Day care is also provided during evenings, nights, and weekends for children who need it because of their parents' working or studying hours.

English-speaking day care center Y.E.S Day Care Centre

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