Development of Services

Service development aims to boost service production and diversify the service structure to make the services better satisfy the residents’ needs. The means to achieve the above include service design, joint planning and various surveys.

Early Childhood Education services will utilize children’s and parents’ experiences in further developing its services. Early Childhood Education can arrange area- or unit-specific events and workshops where guardians and employees together ponder on how the services could be developed. For unit-specific events, contact your day-care center. Information on regional and city-level events is provided by day-care centers, in Early Childhood Education’s newsletter, on website, and on Lasten Vantaa Facebook site.

Customer surveys

Service users can share their experiences and ideas by responding to various surveys. Vantaa Early Childhood Education participated in the metropolitan area municipalities’ joint early childhood education customer survey carried out in November 2017. A corresponding survey was previously conducted in 2014. Results of Vantaa’s 2017 early childhood education customer survey in Finnish and summary of the metropolitan area municipalities’ results in Finnish.

The customer survey on clubs, open day-care centers and residential parks, conducted at 2-year intervals, helps to assess and develop open early childhood education services. The survey took place in spring 2018. Results of the 2018 open early childhood education customer service in Finnish

Guardians can give feedback on the beginning and flexibility of early childhood education with the help of an online survey.