Education partnering

The objective for cooperation between the family and the early childhood education is to create a good basis for the education partnering between the parents and the personnel. Good and functional cooperation promotes safe attendance to day care. The educators get to know the parents before the child attends day care and the parents have the opportunity to talk about their hopes and expectations. When the adults have a working relationship, it makes the attendance to day care easier for the child.

Cooperation between the parents and the early childhood education is based on everyday in-teraction. The parents and the early childhood education have yearly discussions considering each child individually. Based on these discussions, they make an early childhood education plan describing the child's growth, development, and learning. Additionally, the early childhood education arranges PTA meetings, where you can network with other parents and talk about topical issues.

Communication with Educators

In addition to daily conversations, parents can settle discussions with the educators and the director of day care center.