Development and Learning Support

From a child's point of view, it is important to recognize the need for support early and provide the child with a learning environment that supports her/his development and learning, and any other needs. If the need for support is recognized early, it is easier to prevent further difficulties. The early childhood education pays special attention to early recognition of learning and developmental difficulties.

Consultant Special Teacher Supports and Counsels

Consultant Special Teachers together with the day care personnel are responsible for the issues regarding children in need for learning support. Consultant Special Teacher is an expert on learning and development support, and their job is to guide the personnel and parents in issues regarding the children's need for support. Consultant Special Teacher participates in the assessment of child's need for support, referrals to examination, and planning and monitoring the support together with parents.

Consultant Special Teachers provide guidance and counseling regarding development and learning support. If the parents already know that the child needs learning support when they are applying to day care, they should contact the Consultant Special Teacher of their district beforehand. It is advisable to mention the child's need for support in the day care application. Additionally, it is good to enclose possible expert reports with the application.

Pedagogical and Structural Support Measures

The aim is that children can receive learning and development support at the day care center or family day care near to their home. The day care personnel systematically support the child's development and learning by using a variety of different methods and tools. They also develop the learning environment so that it supports the child's individual needs and strengths. The personnel use different support measures depending on how severe the learning difficulties are. In addition to pedagogical support measures, some structural support measures in the child groups can be allowed. Structural support measures are discretionary and they primarily concern the child's own group.

Additional help can be hired to assist the child group, for instance, Early Special Education Ex-perts, Art Pedagogs, childminders or personal assistants. Some day care centers have integrated groups where some of the places have been reserved for children who need support. There are also special groups where all places are reserved for children who need support. Integrated groups have 12 children. Each special group has a special education teacher, a kindergarten teacher, and a childminder working with them. There is also a special group for children with severe disabilities in Hiekkaharju day care center, add. Hiekkaharjuntie 12, 01300 Vantaa, tel. 09 83924445.