The Service Voucher

When a family applies for a place in early childhood education for their child in the VaSa service, the list of locations has marked those day care centres and group family day care that you can get a service voucher for with the word ‘Private’. If a family selects a service-voucher day care centre as their preferred day care, the family will be granted a service voucher. The family can use the service voucher in the day care centre they selected in the application or, if desired, in some other service-voucher day care centre approved by Vantaa.
The family must contact the desired service-voucher day care centre and agree on early childhood education when they get the decision at the latest. A service-voucher day care centre might also ask them to fill in an application of its own. See instructions for applying to early childhood education.

A service agreement with a service-voucher day care centre

The family signs a service agreement with the private service-voucher day care centre. The day care centre delivers the service agreement appendix (in Finnish) required by the City to early childhood education services (Varhaiskasvatus, Palveluseteli, PL 313, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki) to define the value of the service voucher.

Value of the service voucher

Service vouchers are earnings-related, so the family’s income impacts the value of the service voucher and the amount that the family needs to pay. The monthly customer fee paid by the family can be no more than EUR 30 more expensive than the corresponding municipal fee. The family cannot receive private day care allowance or child home care allowance to organise the child’s care simultaneously with the service voucher. Read more about the service voucher day care centres and their prices.
The service voucher is child-specific. The value of the service voucher is based on the child’s age, the size of the family, the family’s gross income as well as the service need/early childhood education hours agreed in the service agreement between the family and day care centre. The sibling discount used in municipal early childhood education also applies to the service voucher.
Read more about the basics and income limits of municipal customer fees.

Supplying the family’s income information

To define the value of the service voucher, the family must also supply their income information to early childhood education services no later then by the 15th day of the first month of early childhood education. The same income declaration form is used as when defining the municipal customer fee.
On the income declaration form (in Finnish), the family can notify that they agree to the maximum fee, in which case the city grants the service voucher with the lowest possible value and the family pays the day care centre the highest fee for early childhood education (EUR 288 + potentially EUR 30).
The filled in form is sent to: Varhaiskasvatus, Tuloselvitys, PL 313, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.
Decision about the value of the service voucher
When the service agreement appendix and income declaration form have been delivered to early childhood education services, a decision about the value of the service voucher is sent to the family by post. The day care centre receives a notification about the value of the service voucher, but they will not receive any data about the family’s income. The day care centre defines the child’s customer fee based on the value of the service voucher. The family and day care centre agree on the customer fee and all payment-related matters with each other.